2019 Programme

Pre-Conference Activities

Pre-conference workshop & Site Visit

Our exclusive pre-conference activities includes a  site tour  of the Cannon Group plant and a  pre-conference workshop, focusing on an overview of new carbon fibre application and solutions in the automotive industry.


* Places are limited so we advise booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

  1. Registration & Welcome

    Theme: “What is on the Road Today?:  An Overview of New Carbon Fibre Applications & Solutions in the Automotive Industry”

  2. Chair’s Remarks

    Frazer Barnes | Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre

  3. Application of Hybrid Molding Process on the Manufacture of Laptop Housings

    Peter Chu | Senior Director of MiTAC Precision Technology Corporation (MPT)

    • Use hybrid molding process on the manufacturing of laptop housings
    • The core of hybrid molding process: RHCM technology
    • Environmental friendly products with waterborne painting
  4. Closed Loop Recycling of Carbon Fibre Waste into Automotive Parts

    Ben Andrews | Field Technical Services Engineer of ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd

    OEMs and Tier suppliers in the automotive industry are constantly trying to reduce waste through their composite manufacturing processes. Inevitably however, there is inherent waste produced through the multiple processes. This presentation looks at this waste, its formats and how the supply chain can work together to optimise processes and material formats to enable efficient recycling of the carbon materials.

    Real world examples and applications are highlighted to demonstrate the feasibility and performance of these recycled materials.

  5. Composite Lightweight Automotive Suspension System

    Alan Banks | Commercial Vehicle Suspension Supervisor of Ford Motor Company

    The Composite Lightweight Automotive Suspension System is a high volume composite rear suspension knuckle/tieblade consisting of UD prepreg (epoxy resin), SMC (vinylester resin) carbon fibre and a steel insert to reduce the weight of the component by 35% and reduce Co2. The compression moulding manufacturing process and CAE optimisation are unique and ground-breaking for this product. The manufacturing techniques employed allow for multi-material construction within a five minute cycle time to make the process viable for volume manufacture.

  6. Mid-morning Refreshments

  7. Joint presentation: The Use of 3D Printing for Structural Thermoplastics in the Automotive Sector

    Delivered by Mitsui & Co. Italia SpA, and Forward Engineering GmbH

    • New materials and further developed manufacturing technologies (especially FFF and SLS) for 3D-printed plastic parts
    • Main approaches to apply 3D-printed parts for thermoplastic structures

    Speakers include;

    Eng. Alejandro Castro Linares, EMEA Carbon Fibre Product Manager, Mitsui & Co. Italia SpA – Italy
    Eng. Georg Kaesmeier, Managing Partner, Forward Engineering GmbH - Germany

  8. Wrap Up Panel Discussion Session: “What Are the Greatest Demands for Carbon Fibre in the Automotive Industry?”

    Chaired by: Frazer Barnes, Managing Director, ELG Carbon Fibre – UK

    Panellists: ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd; Universität Augsburg, Augsburg (UNA); Mitsui & Co. Italia SpA; and Forward Engineering GmbH

  9. Site Visit - Introduction of the Cannon Group Company

    Francesco Abbà | Sales & Marketing Manager of Cannon Afros

    • Cannon technologies dedicated  to composites mass production in automotive, aerospace and wind power generation: relevant achievements in impregnate & form, place & form and heat & form
    • Introduction of the Italian Cannon plastics processing technologies production plants
  10. Networking Lunch hosted by the Cannon Group Company

  11. Site visit to the Cannon Group Plant - Pickup visitors at Hotel

  12. Arrival & Welcome

  13. Tour group A, B and C

    Cannon is pleased to host GOCarbonFibre attendees in the Italian production site dedicated to plastics processing technologies and automation.

    The visitors will be walked through Cannon Afros, Cannon Ergos and Cannon Automata Companies including plants and machines for continuous and discontinuous processing of polyurethanes and other reactive polymers, plants for the processing of composite materials, and equipment to design and manufacture thermoforming.

    The visit will concern Cannon R&D centre as well where the innovative projects take shape with new material suppliers and clients collaborations.


  14. Conclusions of the visit and Q&A with the audience

  15. Return to the hotel

Conference Day 1

Day 1 - 9th October 2019

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    John Davidson MSc | Product Director, Oxidation and Carbonisation of Cygnet Texkimp

Session I – The Key Drivers Behind the Carbon Fibre Market

  1. Opening Keynote Address: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Heading?

    Dan Pichler | CEO of CarbConsult

    • Growing drivers of carbon fibre composites market
  2. Automotive Industry Keynote Address: Carbon Fibre and Composites – Challenges & Opportunities

    Dr. Shanta A. Desai | Research Project/Consultant of Nissan Technology Centre Europe

    • How high volume car manufacturers see the market in the carbon fibre industry
    • Potential new trends, challenges and opportunities
    • What are the major roadblocks for high volume applications
  3. Keynote Address: Future Trends in Carbon Fibre Composites in the Aerospace Industry

    Dr. Mircea Calomfirescu | R&T Program Manager "Advanced Aerostructures / Composites, Airbus Defence and Space of Airbus

    • Global Composite Materials Market
    • Use of Composites in Civil and Military Aircraft
    • S.W.O.T   Analysis of Composites in Aerospace
    • Needs and Future Trends
  4. Mass-Production of Composite Parts: A View from an Equipment Company

    Alberto Zarantonello | General Manager of Cannon Ergos

    • The concept of surface quality and mechanical proprieties
    • A wide range of different techniques and material combinations
    • Cycle time optimization
    • Enhancing the quality of produced parts
    • The manufacturing of complex geometries and multi material stacks
  5. Networking Refreshment Break

Session II – Disruptive Technologies & Applications for New Developments

  1. Enabling Carbon Fibre Applications Across Key Market Sectors

    Julien Sellier | Managing Director and Co-Founder of STRUCTeam

    • The state of play - a strong and vibrant sector with untapped potential
    • Key steps in the carbon fibre value chain
    • Design, manufacturing, material engineering innovations that incorporate carbon fibre – STL case study examples
  2. CFRP Automotive Applications Today and Tomorrow

    A presentation of BMW Group

    • Novel approaches from BMW: business cases, sustainability and field of applications.


  3. Case study: Forged Molding Compound - Carbon Fibre Materials for Volume Automotive Applications

    Marcel Remp | Marketing Manager Automotive of Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites

    • Market trends, requirements and applications
    • Key to success to use press molding compounds in automotive industry
  4. Automated and Cost-effective Technologies to Produce Automotive Body Panels in CFRP for Mass Production

    Andrea Bedeschi | General Manager of Riba Composites

    • Cost reduction of raw materials for the scale effect, and the automation of production processes
    • Technical solutions: Press Compression Moulding (P-CM), High Pressure Resin Transfer Moulding (HP-RTM), and Compression Resin Transfer Moulding (C-RTM)
  5. Networking Lunch

Session III – Design & Manufacturing – What Is Changing?

  1. Carbon Fibre Sheet Moulding Compound – High Mechanical Performance Made from Industrial 50k carbon Fibre

    Manuel Schlegel | Automotive Sales Engineer of Zoltek Corporation

    • How fibres can be split into smaller strands and what level of mechanically performance can be achieved respectively?
    • Carbon SMC and Automotive Applications
  2. Challenges and Solutions for High Rate Manufacturing of Lightweight Composite Car Platforms

    Prof. Andrew Mills | Principal Research Fellow Composites Manufacturing, Enhanced Composites & Structures Centre of Cranfield University

    • Requirements for composite material, high rate automotive part manufacturing and developments which may provide implementable solutions
    • Development of a full floor for a future medium volume production electric carried out by a UK collaborative project, LX led by Sigmatex, the carbon fabric manufacturer
    • Materials, manufacturing cost and design challenges for production implementation
  3. Development of Innovative Tooling Based on High Modulus Pitch Fibres for Structural Aeronautical Components

    Presented by: GP Marketing Consulting and the Politecnico di Milano University

    • The design and manufacturing of a mould with pitch fibres and the evaluation of its performances through the comparison with a conventional one
    • The monitoring of the mould manufacturing cycle

    Presented by;

    Paolo Grati, M.S.c Aeronautical Engineer, GP Marketing Consulting – Italy

    Ing. Paolo Bettini, Assistant Professor, Aerospace Structures And Design, Politecnico di Milano University – Italy

  4. Networking Refreshment Break

  5. Panel Discussion: Removing the Roadblocks of Carbon Fibre Demand

    • What are the major roadblocks for high volume applications?
    • Demands of electric vehicles 
    • Cost and environmental concerns
    • Standardisation of materials and methods

    Panellists include;

    Dan Pichler, Managing Director, CarbConsult – Germany

    Adrian Gill, Lead Specialist, Blade –  Vestas Wind Systems – UK  

    Abramo Levato, General Manager, HP Composites SpA - Italy

    Ilhan Savut, Analyst, Bloomberg NEF – UK

Session IV – End Use Applications, Properties & Technical Solutions in Carbon Fibre

  1. Structural Carbon Fibre Batteries

    Dan Zenkert | Professor, Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering of Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

    • Innovative concepts and case studies for more general multifunctional materials using carbon fibres in both automotive and aerospace applications
  2. Need for Damping Composites in Sports Application

    Laurent Mallet | Project Manager -Technical Manager for Aeronautics of SMAC

    • The viscoelastic layer embedded in composite laminates – A real example applied in the sport industry
  3. An Integrated Approach to Design and Monitor Composite Structures Under In-service Fatigue Loadings

    Marino Quaresimin | Professor, Department of Management and Engineering of University of Padova

    • Design of composite structures under in-service loadings
    • Measurement of damage evolution
    • Fatigue life and stiffness drop assessment by analytical / FEA approach
    • Self-sensing carbon composite materials and structural health monitoring
    • In-service reliability and safety of composite structure
    • Practical examples of implementation
  4. Chair’s Closing Remarks

    John Davidson MSc | Product Director, Oxidation and Carbonisation of Cygnet Texkimp

  5. Networking Drinks Reception

  6. End of Day One

Conference Day 2

Day 2 - 10th October 2019

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chair’s Opening Remarks

    John Davidson MSc | Product Director, Oxidation and Carbonisation of Cygnet Texkimp

  3. Vestas Keynote Address: Overview of Carbon Fibre in the Wind Power Industry

    Adrian Gill | Lead specialist, Blade of Vestas Wind Systems

    • An overview of Carbon Fibre use in Vestas wind turbine blades, including why Vestas took this direction, the challenges overcome in becoming the world’s largest user of carbon fibre and directions for the future

Session V – Life Cycle Analysis, Recycling & Sustainable Solutions

  1. Sustainable Solutions Keynote Address: Low Cost Sustainable Carbon Fibre Production – Would this be Possible?

    Frazer Barnes | Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre

  2. Carbon Fibre Recycling for Automotive Lightweighting and Advanced Manufacturing

    Alice Havill | Chief Operating Officer of Vartega Inc

    • The value created from recycled carbon fibre
    • Application examples of the final product focusing on automotive and sporting goods
  3. The Use of Carbon Fibre in the Electronics Industry

    Nicholas Abbatiello | Distinguished Engineer of Dell Technologies

    • History of composite in DELL’s products
    • Development of Thermoplastic composites & high volume manufacturing
    • Environmental Benefits of using thermoplastics
    • What is next for thermoplastics?
  4. Networking Refreshment Break

Session VI – OEM Applications, New Developments & Demands

  1. Panel Discussion: Future Developments in the Carbon Fibre Industry

    • What is the industry doing to meet market demands?
    • Performance
    • Price

    Views from carbon fibre producers

    Panellists include;

    Simon Qian, Board Chairman, Hengshen Carbon Limited – China

    Dr. Tilo Hauke, Head of Central Innovation, SGL Group – Germany

    Yuri Svistunov, CEO deputy and Chief Technical Officer, UMATEX – Russia

    Derek Buckmaster, Director, Carbon Nexus - Australia

  2. Can Green Become the New Black? Carbon Fibre from Forest-based Raw Materials

    Dr. Niklas Garoff | Business Develoment Manager, Division Biomaterials of Stora Enso AB

    • Stora Enso is developing a high-performance carbon fiber with unparalleled low carbon footprint from a precursor based on forest-based renewable raw materials, cellulose and lignin for applications in automotive, construction and sporting goods markets.
    • The unit operations for converting cellulose and lignin to high-performance carbon fiber are based on existing production principles that are used today at industrial scale.
    • In this presentation the principle of Stora Enso’s carbon fiber process is explained and compared to previous attempts aimed at producing carbon fiber from lignin-based feedstock.


  3. The growth of Carbon Fibre Composite Applications in Building and Infrastructure

    Andrew Mafeld | Managing Director of Connectra

    • Review of the key segments for CF composites in B & I
    • Key reasons for the use of CF composites in B & I
    • Examples of important applications
    • Factors driving and supporting the growth of CF 
  4. Networking Lunch

  5. New Fibre Reinforcements and Technology Productions for Sails on Boat Applications

    Ing. Carlo Della Bona | EMEA Key Account Director of G-ANGELONI

    • The use of carbon fibre on sails production: improved performance, reduced weight and reduced production cost
    • The use of thermoplastic and thermoset matrix
    • Sails production for racing and cruising boats for carbon fibre
  6. New Application Trends on Aerospace

    Ing. Lorenzo Cartabia | Technical Director of Plyform Composites Srl

    • Integration in Design Concept
    • Technologies for Production
    • Performance vs Price

Session VII – Innovative Projects in the Carbon Fibre Industry

  1. Carbon Fibre Precursor Development at CSIRO

    Andrew Abbott | Carbon Fibre Team Leader of CSIRO

    • PAN fibre and its major impact on the properties of carbon fibre
    • The use of RAFT polymerisation technology
    • Quantifying the benefits of using RAFT derived materials
  2. Life Beyond Epoxy: Urethane Acrylate Resin for Carbon Fibre Wind Energy Applications

    Dr. Greg Lipoczi | Business Development Manager - Wind Energy of Scott Bader

    • Urethane acrylate resins to improve mechanical properties, versatility, chemical resistance and speed
  3. Chair’s Conference Summary

    John Davidson MSc | Product Director, Oxidation and Carbonisation of Cygnet Texkimp

  4. End of the conference