2018 Speakers

  • Frazer Barnes

    Managing Director ELG Carbon Fibre

    Frazer has more than 30 years’ experience in the composites industry, and for the last 4 years has been heavily involved in carbon fibre recycling. After graduating with a materials science degree, Frazer first worked as a wind turbine blade design engineer before moving into the composites industry with SP Systems (now Gurit). After working on the design and development of composite structures for the marine, oil and gas and defence industries, Frazer moved to DML where he ran the composites business unit, which was a pioneer in the use of carbon fibre to rehabilitate existing civil infrastructure. From 2000 to 2010, Frazer worked for Cytec Engineered Materials in the UK, US and China, culminating in the construction of a composites manufacturing plant in Shanghai. From there, Frazer moved to Hengshen Carbon Fibre where he led efforts to position the company as a global supplier of carbon fibre. It was there that Frazer first became aware of the importance of recycling, leading to a cooperation with Adesso Advanced Materials to evaluate the possibilities of recyclable epoxies. After a short spell assisting Adesso refining its commercial strategies, Frazer returned to the UK to become Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre, where he has guided the company through the industrialisation of its carbon fibre recovery process and overseen the expansion of the companies capabilities to produce a range of recycled carbon fibre products for the composites and compounding industries.

  • Derek Buckmaster

    Director Carbon Nexus

    As the Director of the Carbon Nexus research centre at Deakin University, Derek leads the strategic direction and capability development of the world’s only open-access carbon fibre research facility.

    Prior to taking on the leadership of Carbon Nexus just over two years ago, Derek was the General Manager of SABIC’s Functional Polymers business unit, which led the development of the company’s  carbon fibre venture. Derek was based in Saudi Arabia for several years for this role.

    Before this Derek was the Global Market Director for automotive exteriors for GE Plastics, based in The Netherlands. In this role he led the development and commercialisation of new products and technologies in thermoplastic composites and lightweight polymer glazing. This followed two years in Shanghai establishing new product development and testing capabilities at the GE Technology Centre.

    Buckmaster began his career with GE Plastics in Melbourne in 1988, as a CAE design engineer. He then moved to the United States, holding several roles in advanced design engineering and marketing.  Returning to Australia in 1990, Buckmaster became sales manager for GE's Industrial Diamond division.  He held several other roles with the company in Australia, including export sales manager and product technology manager, before moving to Singapore to GE Plastics’ Pacific Headquarters in 1998. There he was the Six Sigma Master Black Belt for marketing and sourcing, focused on improving processes and increasing revenues. He returned to Australia again to oversee marketing and e-Business during the Internet boom.

    Prior to joining GE, Buckmaster worked as the Production Manager for  the Electricaire Division of Braemar Limited (a heating and cooling equipment manufacturer) and conducted research into aerial crop spraying at an Australian government Agricultural Engineering Center.

    Buckmaster holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Swinburne University, Australia.

    • Australia
  • John Davidson MSc

    Product Director, Oxidation and Carbonisation Cygnet Texkimp

    John has been in the Carbon Fibre manufacturing industry since 1982, working first on the development of Courtaulds large tow precursors and their conversion into Oxidised fibres for RK Carbon Fibres Ltd, which was closely followed by 3, 6, and 12k precursors for conversion to Carbon Fibres.

    He became involved in plant construction in 1986 as part of a team working on Technology Transfer Projects in India, China and South Korea. In 1991 he left RK Carbon and was involved in a project in Russia after which, in 1995, he returned to India and China on Technology Transfer Projects for RK Carbon.

    In 1997 RK Carbon was acquired by SGL Technic Ltd at which point he was appointed Project Manager for a £25m inward investment project to build two state of the art Carbon Fibre production lines in Scotland.

    He left SGL in 2003 to form Milled Carbon Ltd, where they developed the world’s first commercial continuous carbon fibre composite recycling process.  The company was later acquired by German metals reclamation company ELG Haniel.

    In 2008 he began working on Technology Transfer Projects in Italy, Turkey and Portugal with US and European partners. Further Technology Transfer Projects continued over the next 5 years in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Thailand and India.

    In 2014, after over 12 years of discussing collaboration possibilities, he joined Cygnet-Texkimp Ltd in Northwich, Cheshire, where he offers turn-key solutions for Carbon Fibre Production Facilities.

    • +44 (0) 7702 346333
    • United Kingdom
  • Dr.-Ing. Andreas De Palmenaer

    Head of research group carbon fibre Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University

    Andreas graduated in civil engineering with a focus on power and energy engineering at RWTH Aachen University. During his studies he combined the topics of energy engineering with the production of carbon fiber in an exergoeconomic analysis of the conversion processes. Therefrom a new method for exergetic analysis of production processes was created. After graduating as a graduate engineer, Andreas began his doctorate at the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University and completed his PhD on polyethylene-based carbon fibers in April 2017. Andreas is currently still working at the Institute and is involved in the development of prepregs and tapes.

    • Germany
  • Dr. Erik Frank

    Head of Carbon Fiber Development German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf

    Erik Frank received his PhD in technical chemistry about heterogenic catalysis in 2002 from KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). From 2003 he works as scientist at the Institute for Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers (ITCF) with focus on carbon fibers and conducting polymers. Starting from investigations in adding CNTs in polymer fiber systems, his focus shifted to industrial research and development of carbon fibers.

    Erik Frank works now as senior scientist at the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) with focus on research and development of carbon fibers from Poly(acrylonitrile), Lignin and Polyethylene. In a research center called HPFC under leadership of Dr. Frank endless carbon fibers, stabilization / carbonization technologies and surface treatments are developed. Activated carbon fibers, catalytic fibers, additive manufacturing with self-made filaments, self-made polymers and direct printing of fibers are under investigation.

    • Germany
  • Kenneth Frogner

    Head of R&D Corebon AB

    Kenneth Frogner is the head of R&D at Corebon AB and expert in induction heating technology. Kenneth is inventor of heating solutions and equipment for fast and efficient processing of composites in general and carbon fiber reinforced plastics in particular. He is a co-founder of the induction heating division of the company and the technology is now being offered to a large range of fields, from production of sporting goods and automotive parts to industrial applications and the aircraft industry.

    Kenneth graduated as a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 2008, followed by a Ph.D. degree with the title Industrial Induction Heating – with a focus on multi coil solutions, about efficient, uniform and controllable induction heating technology, from the Division of Production and Materials Engineering at Lund University. Beside the work at Corebon, Kenneth has been a part time employee as assistant professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lund University since 2014. Kenneth has 25 scientific publications, is the author of numerous technical reports and several patents and patent applications.

    After involvement in a huge number of commercial and scientific projects within the production and processing field, a deep knowledge and understanding of the technical challenges in the composite industry has been acquired. A key for the development of a novel frequency inverter based on silicon carbide transistors, which together with innovative inductor design allows for efficient, direct heating of carbon fiber through induction. The result is a versatile platform suitable for compression molding, resin transfer molding, filament winding, thermoplastic composite welding etc., with benefits in terms of processing speed and product quality.

    Areas of expertise includes not only system and material understanding, but also deep knowledge in design and FEM simulations of electromagnetic circuits, thermal modelling, optimization, thermography, measurements and testing. Kenneth has held courses both for industry and academia on different topics and also been a speaker at various conferences.

    • Sweden
  • Cecilia Gee

    Analyst Lux Research

    Cecilia Gee is an analyst based in Lux Research’s Amsterdam office. In her capacity with the Materials Innovation team, she conducts research on technical and market trends in composites, coatings, adhesives, future materials platforms, and sustainability. Cecilia has authored articles on a range of topics including carbon fibre recycling, graphene successes, functional coatings, and adhesives innovation. Prior to joining Lux, Cecilia was active in Canada and France with research and consulting projects involving phase modelling, thermal spray coatings, smart materials, and tailings processing.

    • Netherlands
  • Brian Gooden

    Director- Technology Furnace Engineering Melbourne

    Brian Gooden has a background in power electronics and Induction Heating equipment design.  

    Moving to Australia in 1998, this was expanded to encompass a wide range of heating processes and applications. That led to involvement in the design and installation of the Out of Autoclave (OOA) Aeroclave tm carbon fibre composite curing ovens used by Boeing on the 787 Dreamliner. Currently he is involved in the design and supply of carbon fibre heat processing equipment  for Carbon Nexus and other overseas customers.  

    When possible, Brian escapes work into his workshop to make guitars, violins and is currently building a single engine two seater aircraft in his garage.

    • Australia
  • Paolo Grati, M.Sc.

    Aeronautical Engineer GP Marketing Consulting Sas

    Paolo Grati took his master of Engineering in Aeronautics  in 1983. After some years as sales manager in a private company producing thermo-acoustic insulation products he moved to the composites world as Commercial Director of a leading European weaving and prepregging company.

    After 16 years in the International market he founded his own consulting company operating in the advanced composites sector.

    He proactively cooperates with leading national and foreign based companies for the development of new products and the search of alternative raw materials worldwide.

    He follows the applications of the carbon fibres both from PAN and PITCH precursors focusing on processing of continuous fibres (weaving, multiaxial manufacturing, pultrusion, filament winding, UD prepregs, RTM and resin infusion technology). He assists the customers on designing and developing new innovative projects on behalf of partner companies, following both technical and commercial aspects, mainly in the automotive and industrial fields.

    Paolo received the Qing 2nd level certification by the “Engineer register of Milan Area” in the field of “materials engineering”  specialization “consultancy on development of new products in composite materials” in 2013.

    In the last few years he and his staff have introduced some new products based on nanotechnologies in the European Market, offered a special assistance in the usage of recycled carbon products in automotive field and suggested the  introduction of fire barriers and noise damping solutions to the main European OEM.

    Paolo has been often speaker at Courses/Congresses as specialist of carbon reinforcements and participated to training on “Internationalisation, Intelligence and Innovation Management”       

    • Italy
  • Hans Hansson

    Senior Advisor of Swerea SICOMP Swerea SICOMP

    Dr. Hans Hansson has been working in the composite field since 1980. He has professional experience from the composite industry in different leading positions in R&D, production and marketing of composite components. Hansson has for more than 20 years been CEO of Swerea SICOMP, one of Europes leading research institutes focused on composite technology.  He is now working as Senior Advisory  for Swerea SICOMP.

  • Magdalena Kimm

    Construction Composites Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University

    Magdalena Kimm, M.Sc.: Since 2016 she works as a doctoral candidate at the Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, at the department for construction composites. At RWTH Aachen University she finished her Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration in 2016. In her studies she works on the recycling-oriented use and sustainability of fibre-reinforced composites in the construction industry. She is involved in several research projects, such as the “Fortschrittskolleg Verbund.NRW” (2016-2020) founded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. In this project the increase of resource efficiency of composite materials and structures in the construction industry is being investigated. In her publications, she examines, amongst other topics, the separability of textile-reinforced concrete for increased material sustainability and the usability of recycled carbon fibers in new building materials.

    • Germany
  • Volker Köhler

    Senior Sales Engineer, Carbon Fibre and Felt Eisenmann Thermal Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

    Volker is a Senior Sales Engineer in the carbon fibre team of Eisenmann Thermal Solutions, which is the leading supplier for carbon fibre lines. His expertise is with the technical design of oxidation ovens and carbonization furnaces for the production of carbon fibres. Prior to joining the CF team, Volker gained experiences as a process commissioning engineer in the automotive and chemical industry.

    • Germany
  • Mikko Lassila

    Product Business Owner, Telecommunication Exel Composites PLC

    Mikko is 35 year old business development professional within material sciences where Mikko has worked both within technical textiles and composites industries for more than 10 years. Mikko is currently in charge of group sales development and telecommunication business at Exel Composites Oyj. Mikko holds a bachelor degree on business and is currently doing his MBA studies at Aalto University, Helsinki

    • Finland
  • Lars Linnemann

    Project Manager R&D Hille Engineering GmbH & Co. KG

    Fascinated by aircrafts and lightweight design Lars graduated in 2009 as an aerospace engineer at the FH Aachen University of applied science. Influenced by a traineeship and diploma thesis in the field of carbon composites at Grob Aerospace GmbH he started his career as a project lead and research engineer in the composite department at the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University.
    During his research activities Lars was essentially focussing on the development of innovative, high-productive and advanced RTM processes. He was crucially involved on the development of the gap impregnation technology for the ultra-fast processing of thermoset composites, for which the IKV was honoured with the highly-endowed innovation award of North-Rhine Westphalia in 2014. Moreover, he was jointly responsible for the implementation of a novel injection moulding process for thermoplastic composites based on in-situ polymerizing caprolactam, which was shown as a leading project of the IKV at the K2013 trade fair in Dusseldorf.
    Since 2015 Lars complements the team of Hille Engineering, a special machinery supplier for the textile and composite industry, as an R&D project manager. With his sound knowledge in developing, processing and optimizing composite processes he mainly supervises new machine and tooling development projects. In keeping with his motto, Innovating the future with lightweight, he has since been instrumental involved in the development and implementation of a new process and plant technology for the cost-effective manufacturing of dry multidirectional reinforcement textiles.

    • Germany
  • Greg Lipoczi

    Business Development Manager - Wind Energy Scott Bader

    Dr Greg Lipoczi is working with composites for more than 15 years, started in manufacturing of automotive, rail, wind energy and aerospace parts in the Omikron Group, continued in working with engineering of wind turbine blades, marine and automotive applications at STRUCTeam, joined the Renault-Nissan Alliances in 2017 dealing with process excellence and digital transformation and since 2019 he is the Business Development Manager at Scott Bader focusing on Wind Energy. Greg has a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, is a Lean Practitioner, has a Doctorate degree in law, a Masters Degree in economics and various qualifications in composites.

    • United Kingdom
  • Andrew Mafeld

    Managing Director Connectra Global KB

    Andrew Mafeld has more than 30 years of experience in the Composites industry. He has a B.Sc in Chemical Enginerring from Imperial College, London and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau. In the first half of his career he worked for Procter & Gamble, Monsanto and Owens Corning. His last position in Europe for OC was VP of Sales and Marketing for Composites. In the US still with OC, Andrew was VP of the Global Materials Development Centre and later VP of Technology Search.

    Since 2003, when he founded Connectra Global, Andrew has been providing business development consulting services in the area of materials, mainly in carbon and glass fibre composites at all levels of the composites industry supply chain. He has completed over 150 projects for large and small companies, government agencies and private equity frims working across all regions of the world. He is the author of two books on composites, numerous articles and presents at many major composites conferences around the world.

    • Sweden
  • Dr.-Ing. Neven Majic

    Executive Vice President - Software Technology & Co-Founder Cevotec

    Dr. Neven Majic is part of the Executive Management of Cevotec GmbH and he is responsible for Virtual Product Development and Software Development. At the beginning of his career, he worked at Tecosim GmbH as computational analyst for numerical simulations in the automotive industry. This was followed by a specialization at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the field of simulation of fiber reinforced materials/multi-material systems. Neven Majic graduated with a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the field of reinforcement of thin-walled structures. A subsequent post-doc position at the Institute for Carbon Composites (TUM) has led to an extensive experience and know-how in the process chain around the FPP technology.

    • Germany
  • Sowmya Mignani

    Chief Executive RYMYC

    Mrs Mignani graduated in 2004 at IULM University in Public Relation, Advertising and Applied Communication.

    In 2007 she started to follow marketing and advertising activities for the group of companies Movengineering, Princo and Filterpar, whose core business is engineering and realization of spinning plants for synthetic yarns and their related ancillaries.

    Then she experienced the commercial area with foreign customers, the management of human resources of these companies and the financial department for new investments of the group.

    In 2016 it came the decision to branch out her group activities and to found RYMYC srl, whose core business is the recovery of carbon fiber from industrial wastes and to transform it in nonwoven mat. She met the challenge of this new field with the support and thanks to the experience of the team of people she work with.

    Mrs Mignani  followed the R&D in the recovery of the carbon fiber, checking the quality of the process alongside Universities and Research Institutes both Italian and European.  She carried out the administrative procedures in order to obtain all the authorizations for the treatment of waste and she followed the installation of the plant for the realization of RYMYC nonwoven RYMFELT. Mrs Mignani deals also with the commercial activities for RYMYC, starting collaborations and tests with different companies which operate in the field of carbon fiber.

  • Mikael Nordlander

    Head of Industry Decarbonisation R&D Portfolio, Industry Decarbonisation Vattenfall AB

    Mikael Nordlander has more than 15 years professional experience of R&D in the energy business in various areas such as solar energy, biomass, financial risk modelling, automatic control and energy system analysis. Since 2016,  he is responsible for establishing and developing partnerships between Vattenfall and basic industries in Sweden. Mikael Nordlander holds a MSc degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from 2002.

    • Sweden
  • Andrew Page

    Business Development Manager, Chemicals and Polymers Department TOYOTA TSUSHO UK LTD

    I have worked in the plastics sector since 1977 for a number of international companies including, Bayer, GE, BASF and Toyota. My main role has been application development work with engineering thermoplastic composites particularly in injection moulding.  I have a BSc hons degree in Chemistry and an MBA. 

    • United Kingdom
  • Alessandra Passaro

    Head of Advanced Materials and Processes Consulting Area CETMA

    Alessandra Passaro has been working in the composite field since 2000. She graduated in Material Engineering. After a brief experience in the field of metal cold working, she began working at CETMA (Research and Technology Organization) as researcher in the field of polymer and composite materials. She coordinated national and European projects on plastic material recycling, innovative processes for thermoplastic matrix composites, application of composite materials in transportation field. She has been in charge of the Advanced Materials & Processes Consulting Area since 2012. This area is specialized in composite material product development: material design and optimization, mechanical and physical testing, process development, component design, Structural Health Monitoring, modelling and simulation. In particular the area has been working on recycled carbon fiber since 2014.

    • Italy
  • Dan Pichler

    CEO CarbConsult

    Daniel Pichler has more than 30 years experience in carbon fiber, composite materials, and other high performance materials and components.  He is Partner / joint Managing Director with CarbConsult GmbH – specialists in strategy and technical consulting in carbon fiber, composite materials, and others.  CarbConsult’s clients have included carbon fiber and composites companies, chemical companies, investor groups and other interested parties in Europe, Asia and the US.  Previously, he has lead carbon fiber businesses and business development with SGL Group, AKSA (now DOWAksa), Holding Company Composites, Armco, and others.  

  • Soraia Pimenta

    Lecturer Imperial College London

    Soraia is a Research Fellow at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London. Her research is currently focused on the mechanics and modelling of composites, and she aims to further her work in the theoretical development of novel materials - with complex architectures and bio-inspired systems - to create improved solutions for challenging applications.

    Soraia did most of her undergraduate studies in Portugal (MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, 2008). She did her final MEng project at Imperial College, analysing the micromechanics of compressive failure of composites.

    Soraia's PhD (from the Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London, 2013) focused on analysing and modelling the mechanics of recycled composites. Concurrently to this work, Soraia also developed original models for the fibre-dominated tensile failure and associated size effects in virgin composites.

    In 2012, Soraia became a Research Assistant to HiPerDuCT - High Performance Ductile Composite Technology in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial. She has developed new models and proposed innovative material systems to create a new generation of ductile composites.

    • United Kingdom
  • Tim Rademacker

    Managing Director carbonNXT GmbH

    Since 2010 until today:  carboNXT GmbH (Karl Meyer AG) - Managing Director

    Since 2010 until today:  CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH & Co. KG (Karl Meyer AG) - Managing Director

    Since 2007: 

    CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH & Co. KG (Karl Meyer AG)

    Head of Marketing & Sales

    Business Development

    Industry: Composites industry, Waste Management, Recycling and Disposal

    (Company in private hands, 750 Employees)

    BioCycling GmbH (Karl Meyer AG / Véolia)

    Key Account Manager

    Sustainable Development and Environmental Network

    Industry: Renewable Energy Sources and Environment (10.000 Employees)
    Beiersdorf Consumer Products (Pty) Ltd., Durban, South Africa

    Sales Department, Trade Marketing and Category Management

    Industry: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg

    Department of Contract Operations & Material Management

    Industry: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    • Germany
  • Jean-Christophe Rietsch

    Design office and program manager - composite research center - Hutchinson Research and Innovation Center Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry

    After material engineering studies, I have been  PhD graduated in material science working on Carbon/Carbon brakes friction behaviour comprehension in 2009. Afterwards I worked for 2 years for a synthetic graphite manufacturer in Switzerland as project scientist. Then, I joined Safran Composite corporate research center as head of composite material departement for 7 years working in aircraft engines composite parts research and development. I recently joined Hutchinson Composite research center as Progamm manager and head of the design office.

    • France
  • Julien Sellier

    Managing Director and Co-Founder STRUCTeam

    Julien Sellier is the Co-Founder and Managing Director STRUCTeam Ltd, which provides commercial and technical solutions for its customers in composite materials and CompoSIDE Ltd, a web based composite design and engineering software.  He gained his masters degree in Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in 2001 specialising in hydrodynamics majoring in composite structures.  Julien has managed significant projects in Marine, Wind Energy, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Civil and Industrial applications.  His experiences range from design and project management, composite materials development and part manufacturing to Carbon Fibre applications as well as strategic consultancy for leading material manufacturers including Carbon Fibre.

    • United Kingdom
  • Yuri Svistunov

    CEO deputy and Chief Technical Officer UMATEX

    Areas of responsibility: engineering, technical development (precursor, carbon fiber, CF intermediates).

    Background: 10+ years management of CF, PAN-precursor and CF based intermediates manufacturing development (Rosatom-UMATEX) in the areas of new products, equipment and process engineering including new CF plant from the early idea through the main process concept to commissioning and product line development.

    Core education: chemist, material sciences, composite materials.

    • Russian Federation
  • Prof. Andrew Walker

    Head of Composite Products OTTO FUCHS KG

    Andrew Walker is CEO of National Composites Certification and Evaluation Facility. This brand new centre has been established by University of Manchester to provide a National focus for UK Composites Industry. He leads a highly skilled team dedicated to researching fibres (precursors, oxidizing, carbonizing), advancing composite design, manufacturing and testing.

    Andrew was previously the Director of the Northern Aerospace Technology Exploitation Centre (NATEC).  The Universities of Northern England established NATEC in 2002 as the Aerospace Exploitation Centre to unlock the knowledge and resources of universities and colleges.  NATEC presently has over 40 emerging aerospace businesses, 200 academics and more than £300M of analytical and prototyping equipment.

    Prior to joining academia, Andrew was Chief Manufacturing Engineer with Airbus A380.  He designed and built the £520m factory at Broughton, Chester (the largest single engineering event since the Toyota factory at Derby).  Andrew has also worked in China and Germany where he built ‘state of the art’ factories for Unilever and Federal Mogul.

    Andrew has 4 international visiting/honorary Professorships in engineering and is also a non-executive Director of the North West Development Agency. He has worked on composite materials and C fibre processing for over 25 years. In 1985 Andrew worked for ICI where he developed the ‘Saffil’ reinforced composite engine piston – since then over 105 million pistons have been manufactured – the worlds most prolific advanced composite. Andrew has a PhD (process metallurgy) and BSc Hons (metallurgy) both from Imperial College, London.

    • United Kingdom
  • Dr Balázs Zsigmond

    Carbon Fabric Specialist Metyx Composites

    Balázs completed his MSc in Mechanical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2002, then his PhD in Material Science in 2005.  After his PhD he was an independent researcher at NASA Glenn Research Center, USA for a year (2005-2006). He respectively executed as Head of Composite Development, R&D Director in Europe & Head of Global Technical Support and Service at Zoltek in Europe between the years 2007 and 2011. Afterwards he went to work to Russia for 5 years for Holding Company Composite acting as a Head of Product Development Engineering (textile structures (woven, multiaxial, braided fabrics) and prepregs) and Technical Support. Then he returned to Hungary to work for SKY Advanced Materials Ltd as a Technical and Quality Manager between 2016 and 2017. Since 2017 he is the carbon fabric specialist at Metyx Hungary Ltd.

    • Hungary