Pre-Conference Workshop: Recycling & Sustainability

Tuesday 9 October 2018 | 1.30pm - 5.30pm

This year's pre-conference workshop, taking place on Tuesday 9 October before the main conference, will focus on recycling and sustainability.

Experts from ELG Carbon Fibre, CETMA, carbonNXT and more will lead the workshop, providing presentations on a variety of topics relating to recycling and sustainability.

The workshop aims to provide attendees with insights into the limits and opportunities of recycled carbon fibres in the composite material industry, and why sustainability in this industry is important.


13:00  Welcome & registration

13:40  Practical applications in recycling carbon fibre. Speaker: Frazer Barnes, Managing Director, ELG Carbon Fibre

14:10  Recycled carbon fibres - Limits and opportunities for composite material industry. Speaker:  Alessandra Passaro, Head of Advanced Materials and Processes Consulting Area, CETMA

14:40  Networking break

15:25  Case study on efficiency evaluation in composite production. Speaker: Magdalena Kimm, Construction Composites, Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA),  RWTH Aachen University

15:55   Cost effectiveness vs sustainability. Speaker: Tim Rademacker, Managing Director of carbonNXT

16:25   Key factors for a sustainable carbon fibre nonwoven. Speaker: Sowmya Mignani, Chief Executive, RYMYC

16:55  A joint Q&A session