Testimonials from previous GOCarbonFibre attendees

“Excellent event around carbon fibre and its applications” – B. Zsigmond, Metyx Composites

“A great event once again, this conference just gets better every year” – J. Davidson, Cygnet Texkimp

“Good conference for discussing future trends in carbon fibre” – R. Simpson, Furnace Engineering

“Great conference covering the main themes related to carbon fibre topics” – J. Sellier, STRUCTeam

“GOCarbonFibre is an excellent place to catch up on what is going on in the world of carbon fibre composites. Lots of good contacts and good opportunities to meet them” – A. Mafield, Connectra Global

“GOCarbonFibre continues to be a high-quality industry event, attracting a stimulating range of speakers from leading global research and industry sources” – D. Buckmaster, Carbon Nexus

“Good gathering of carbon fibre composites community” – D. Chandwani, Kline

“The GOCarbonFibre conference offers an event platform with high-quality speaker contributions in a first-class expert forum out of the composite and fire industry with an excellent organisation and moderation. Moreover, networking and business relationships are made easily and eye-level discussions with experts combined with their special branch insights are very useful” – L. Linnemann, Hille Engineering

“Perfect conference for all interested in new technology and market trends for carbon fibre” – H. Hansson, RISE SICOMP

“An excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the latest carbon fibre market, technological, recycling trends as well as an opportunity to network with the leading carbon fibre line equipment suppliers. I would definitely want to attend this conference again in the future” – A. Harilal, Sasol

“An excellent event for networking and generating business” – M. Wolki, Clariant

“Excellent event, good organisation, good speakers” – G. Lipoczi, Renault-Nissan Consulting

“Good attendees and valuable information presented” – F. Barnes, ELG Carbon Fibre

"The GOCarbonFibre 2017 was another fine event. Excellent networking venues were arranged with the thought leaders in the carbon fibre and CFRP industry. John Davidson's insightful commentary and ability to stimulate interactions with the presenters and audience complimented the positive impact of the event" - C. Miller, Harper International

"The best carbon fibre conference in Europe" - B. Zsigmond, Metyx

"Exceelent range of topics covered by presentations" - A. Page, Toyota Tsusho UK

"If you want to deep dive into the world of carbon fibre, you should visit GOCarbonFibre!" - A. Lundell, Volvo Car Group

"GOCarbonFibre consistently provides a good range of content in a conference which is the right size for high value networking" - D. Buckmaster, Carbon Nexus

"Great insights from top speakers!" - T. Groene, Cevotec

"The only event that covers carbon fibre all the way from precursor to finished parts" - S. Amos, Bluestar Fibres

"GOCarbonFibre is an excellent event, well respected in the industry" - H. Smith, Dia-Stron 

"Overall a great conference that provided great content and presentations while being small enough to engage in meaningful conversations" - S. Bassetti, Michelman

"The best carbon fibre conference in a decade!" - A. Walker, University of Manchester

"GOCarbonFibre is a unique, high quality conference with high calibre speakers and an intimate feel. The 2016 conference was up to the usual high standard of organisation and enabled results orientated networking and technical exchange opportunities" - D. Buckmaster, Carbon Nexus

"Always though provoking and enlightening" - J. Davidson, Cygnet Texkimp

"Very good event" - T. Hauke, SGL Group

"The biggest benefit of the conference is networking. This event is unique for the industry." - Y. Svistunov, Umatex

"I met some very interesting people at this show; I got to hear their first-hand accounts of how the carbon fibre industry is taking on barriers to market" - M. Pagett, Nissan

"Great speakers, topics are pertinent, good networking opportunity" - J. Venkatesan, Dow

"Good overview of the state of the industry" - R. Allred, Adherent Technologies

"Good breadth and depth of participants and speakers" - J. Hazell, Green Alliance

"Captivating, educational, professional and thought provoking" - A. Harilal, Sasol

"Great opportunity to learn about the carbon fibre industry, innovations that are happening and the challenges the industry is facing" - S. Bassetti, Michelman

"Very diverse presentations covering all aspects of the business" - P. Apte, Harper International

"Excellent for networking and to get the current status of the carbon fibre business" - M. W├Âlki, Clariant Produckte Deutschland