General Motors plans to use carbon fibre wheels for high performance vehicles

GM hopes to introduce carbon fibre wheels as optional equipment on high performance vehicles, although the date of the roll out remains unclear. William Rodgers, a light polymer system research at General Motors, ‘indicates that the carbon fibre rollers could shave 35 lbs. off a vehicle’s curb weight, greatly reducing rotational and unsprung weight to improve dynamics’[1].

According to research, GM is carrying out wear and tear tests to see how well and if the carbon fibre wheels can survive daily driving. Carbon fibre could underpin the change in vehicles’ fuel efficiency through lighter vehicle weights as carbon fibre is half the weight of steel but just as strong. The difficulty is predicting when the change will happen and if there will be a breakthrough in the carbon fibre industry but all we know is that there is a lot of research going into making this happen as soon as possible. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for an update from General Motors to see where they head in the future.