Investigating sustainable materials and methods

As ever, becoming fully sustainable is a long term mission for each and every company, regardless of which position in the value chain they hold. As recycling and re-use of carbon fibre is becoming ever-more important within the carbon fibre industry, this in turn is becoming one of a number of driving factors for encouraging a crucial focus on exploring new opportunities and discussing real proven methods to achieve sustainability both within methods and materials fields.

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Both methods and materials are two of a number of varying factors that are under investigation in helping to achieve the shared goal of realistic sustainability. Sharing knowledge in this area, and discussing how best to re-use materials and improve efficiency in methods will all help to work towards achieving this target.

The session ‘Sustainable Methods and Materials’, presented at the GOCarbonFibre 2016 conference considers a number of fluctuating factors and how discovering either alternative materials or tweaking methods could help companies across the supply chain become more sustainable.

Presentations within the session include:

  • Circular economy opportunities for carbon fibre - Jonny Hazell, Senior Policy Advisor at Green Alliance
  • A platform for novel lightweight automotive composite design - Antony Dodworth, Lead Composite Engineer at Dodworth Designs
  • Advanced composites for lightweighting - Remy Steenbakker, Technical Manager at Sigmatex
  • Future of composite materials - fibres, textiles and economics - Andrew Walker, Managing Director at NCCEF
  • Bio-inspired carbon based materials by heterogeneous design - Kunal Masania, Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich

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