Press release: Carbon fibre experts in Bovenden are amazed

EISENMANN THERMAL SOLUTIONS, GERMANY, OCTOBER 2016 - A mass of cumulative expertise came together during a visit to Eisenmann Thermal Solutions (ETS): On the occasion of the "GoCarbonFibre" conference taking place in Hannover, more than twenty experts from around the globe took the opportunity to visit the production facilities and technical center of Eisenmann Thermal Solutions in Bovenden and get a closer look at the thermal solution systems.

​After a welcoming address by ETS Managing Director Detlef Wilkens and a presentation by Sales Manager Markus Balzer, the visitors' attention turned to the latest oven technologies – particularly at the test center where potential customers can see the solutions in operation and put them through their paces.

The tour of several stations ended with the presentation of an oxidation oven from the next generation in efficient carbon fiber production. The visitors from Asia, Australia, Europe and South Africa – mostly from companies and research entities – bombarded the Eisenmann experts with questions. "The event was a success," concludes Markus Balzer.