What does the future hold for recycled carbon fibre?

In an ever-evolving industrial climate, the increasing demand for more environmentally friendly solutions means energy efficiency and cost saving is becoming essential - carbon fibre recycling is fundamental. Many carbon fibre companies have incorporated cost efficiency and reduced wastage into their 5 year plans, working on new methods and strategic approaches to re-use and recycle carbon fibre within this field and improve life cycle approaches.

Read our recent intervew with Prof. Steve Pickering about recycled carbon fibre applications >>

Resolving the continuous challenge of recycling methods, approaches and re-use would provide a number of companies with the ability to sustain and grow their company in an industry where the need for carbon fibre is still present. Sharing new developments in fibre alignment, cost effective methods and considerations for large-scale composites are all approaches that can help with reducing waste and recycling and re-using carbon fibre more efficiently.

'The Role of Recycling in the Carbon Fibre Composites Sector, Producing High Performance Materials and Looking to the Future’ session at the GOCarbonFibre 2016 conference will discuss new strategic approaches and access the life cycle approach from a number of key industry players, with the aim of working together towards increased recycled materials, less wastage and ultimately saving on costs and increasing sustainability whilst working towards being more environmental friendly.

Presentations within the session include:

  • Recycled carbon fibres: a new apporach to cost effective lightweight structures - Frazer Barnes, Managing Director at ELG Carbon Fibre
  • Considerations for a large-scale composite recycling facility - Dr. Ron Allred, Co-Founder and Head of Research Development at V-Carbon
  • Developments in fibre alignment for high value applications of recycled carbon fibre - Stephen Pickering, Professor at University of Nottingham
  • Less weight or light weight: JLR's life cycle approach - Jamie Shaw, Technical Specialist Whole Vehicle Sustainability at Jaguar Land Rover

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