Exclusive interview with Airbus on future materials challenges and more

Ahead of his presentation at next month's GOCarbonFibre 2017 we spoke to Christian Weimer, Head of Domain Composites Materials & Processes at Airbus, about his work with carbon fibre, future materials challenges at Airbus, where the industry is heading and much more.

Q1. You specialise in materials and processes at Airbus, how does your work involve carbon fibre?

Carbon fibre is used in many applications at Airbus; it's a key material for structures, airframes and wings so we use it a lot. We use it predominantly for its weight saving opportunities, durability and lifetime performance.

Q2. Your presentation covers future materials challenges, can you provide an insight as to what this might cover?

My presentation will look at presenting the status quo of carbon fibre usage within Airbus, what challenges we are currently facing here at Airbus and what key solutions we are discussing for the next 15-20 years. We need to access the potential of carbon fibre materials at lower cost and so I'd like to discuss with the audience to get ideas on how to reduce cost while keeping the performance.

Q3. Where do you see the carbon fibre industry heaing in the next 5 years, and do you think the approach towards future challenges will change any time soon?

New technology is coming onto the market and the technology is changing the status quo and expanding the portfolio of what we can do with carbon fibre. With the challenges we're facing with carbon fibre and the technology now coming, we need to understand how we can use this to leverage the advantages and to fit our needs.

Q4. What are you most look forward to at the GOCarbonFibre 2017 conference?

I'm looking forward to networking at the conference as this is very important, but also finding out what the latest developments are in the carbon fibre industry.

Christian will be presenting as part of the OEM Applications, Material Challenges and Developments session next month. Other presenters in the session include Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, RISE, InCA Technologies and Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites.

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