Interview with Ing. Lorenzo Cartabia from Plyform Composites

You are delivering a presentation focusing on “new application trends on aerospace”, on Day 2 – could you please give us a quick sneak peak of what you would be sharing with our audience?

The aerospace business is highly driven by the airline feedback on OEM. All the future development based on R&D activities are focused on end customer benefit such as more baggage, more range, less time. Into this challenge world, few key drivers flow down to the supplier, especially after a risk assessment on future trend and businesses. All these factors reflect the difficulties of small company to invest into research activities. Small private companies has a strong focus on strength future business than maximise profit. The benefit of collaboration with University and private investment will be the key factor. Based on these ingredients new application are ongoing.


What are the main challenges and opportunities for the carbon fibre and composites industry (aerospace industry)?

Integration, optimization, localization. Make the best effort close to the customer. Only flexibility on production and time to market assets can drive the challenge for future business.


What does the carbon fibre market in Europe look like (aerospace industry?

For the integration and the time to market there will be open space for new development in Europe. The aerospace industry is well consolidated into Europe countries, but the new components and new time thinking from design to engineering can make the difference.


What do you see as the most significant shifts for the carbon fibre and composites industry in the past two years?

The carbon fiber trend is growing very fast in automotive industries, filling the technologic gap with aerospace. The moving of technology from a market to another opened new opportunities for large-scale production with a best cost carbon approach.


Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend GOCarbonFibre conference 2019?

GOCarbonFibre is a unique opportunity to show and share trend in the aerospace and automotive industries. It is a place where all the business can find a common understanding on technology and behaviour.