Letter from John Davidson of Cygnet Texkimp

Dear Reader,

We wanted to make sure you are aware of everything that is happening at this year’s GOCarbonFibre conference, taking place in Milan on 8-10 October 2019. We have put together a programme that covers everything you need to know about this exciting market.

We have structured the conference around a general theme, whilst also introducing new topics and speakers where possible to ensure we inject new blood into our knowledge pool. With this in mind, we hope attendee’s may gain new insights into old issues and learn the new directions our industry is taking, enabling them to go back and add value to their own organisations.

But the most important thing is that we have fun. Conferences are fun! The introverts amongst us may be rolling their eyes right now, but conferences provide such a unique opportunity with networking, learning and fun, all rolled into one single event. A good conference forces us to grow and challenge ourselves.

Who should attend and why?

Because of the breadth of topics covered at GOCarbonFibre, those attending are usually from the full spectrum of the industry, from precursor polymerisation through to composite part. The conference is an ideal place for all interested parties; CEOs and Managing Directors, Commercial and Technical Managers, Consultants, Technicians and Students, will all find something of interest.

Whilst social media keeps everyone connected these days, there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings, and one of the major benefits of attending GoCarbonFibre is the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones.

What will I learn about?

Our audience will hear about end user applications, with insights from OEM’s in aerospace, automotive, rail, sports equipment, construction, pressure vessels and more. We entice global carbon fibre players so that we can hear the latest thoughts from business leaders and find out what they see as the challenges for the future.

Our main sessions include: the key drivers behind the carbon fibre market, disruptive technologies & applications for new developments, design & manufacturing  – what is changing?, end use applications, properties & technical solutions in carbon fibre, life cycle analysis,  recycling  & sustainable solutions, OEM applications, new developments & demands, and innovative projects in the carbon fibre industry.

Also, you don’t want to miss out our pre-conference activities including an innovative workshop focusing on an overview of new carbon fibre applications & solutions in the automotive industry, a site visit tour of the Cannon Group Plant in Milan, and a networking lunch at our venue to connect with key decision makers and leading experts in the industry.

Who will I meet?

Previous attendees include Volkswagen, Toyota, Procotex, Harper International, Jaguar Land Rover, Hexcel and Izumi International. Already confirmed to attend and present this October are Ford Motor Company, Boeing, BMW Group, Riba Composites, Zoltek Corporation, Vestas Wind Systems, SGL Group, Airbus and much more.

Book your ticket now to come and join us! I look forward to meeting you, this time in Milan, Italy, for what promises to be such an exciting event.

Best regards,

John Davidson
Product Director
Cygnet Texkimp