60 seconds with RWTH Aachen University

Ahead of her presentation at this October's GOCarbonFibre conference in Berlin, we spoke to Magdalena Kimm, Construction Composites at Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University, on recycling and sustainability, what she expects to learn at the event and more. 

Q1. With regards to your presentation, how is recycling and sustainability evolving in the industry?

This topic is gaining more and more attention because of a) high raw material costs for CF, b) landfill of CF/CFRP is forbidden and c) waste disposal is expensive. Requests from companies from semi-finished product production for recycling channels and applications is increasing. Although, the network between producer, recycler and users is not yet established.

Q2. What do you expect to learn from your colleagues at this event?

More detailed information on waste percentages during production or CRP at different companies, providing quality of waste types. 

Q3. Could you provide us with a quick overview on the case study you will provide in the pre-conference workshop?

The case study is on an efficiency evaluation of the production of fibre reinforced concrete facade elements. Actual vs. target efficiency regarding quality, costs and time are measured by characteristic parameters (methodical apporach: lean production). Approaches for achieving the targets are developed to implement a closed loop production with less material and waste.

Q4. Why do you consider it important to speak at GOCarbonFibre 2018?

To get in touch with future partners for research on recycling of CF, exchange ideas on new developments within this topic.

Magdalena will be presenting as part of the 'Sustainability Issues in Carbon Fibre and Composites' session this October. Other presenters in the session include ELG Carbon Fibre, Toyota Tsusho and carbonNXT

With representatives from NRN Aerospace, Umatex, Mitsui, Michelman, MAE, WL Gore, Korea Chemical Fibres Association, IRT Jules Verne, Fraunhofer and more set to join us, make sure you don't miss out by booking your ticket today!

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