Discover new and novel carbon fibre processes and technological developments at GOCarbonFibre 2018

At next month's GOCarbonFibre, experts from across the global supply chain will discuss the latest processes and technological developments in the carbon fibre space, as well as taking a look at future opportunities. Just some of the presentations you'll hear include:

The application of induction heating, profiting from the high modulus pitch carbon fabrics in order to drastically reduce the cure cycles - presented by Corebon AB and GP Marketing Consulting Sas

  • Carbon fibre properties and new fabric range of products
  • Example of production process-related costs saving (RTM, autoclave, infusion, press moulding and more)

Novel approach to the oxidation process control in the industrial carbon fibre line - engineering concept and data statistic presented by UMATEX

  • Successful integration into the industrial carbon fibre line, statistics of failures detection
  • Ideas on further system promotion

Renewable energy as the new feedstock for carbon fibre - presented by Vattenfall AB

  • Why electrify? Development of renewable energy generation
  • Basic polymers from electricity instead of petroleum
  • PAN-fibre from CO2 and electricity - build tomorrow's cars from yesterday's emissions?

View the full programme here >>

Book your ticket to join us today, and you'll not only hear from the above but you'll also hear from and meet with representatives from Nissan, Zoltek Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites, Toyota Tsusho, Carbon Nexus, ELG Carbon Fibre, CSIRO, Renault-Nissan Consulting, Fraunhofer, WL Gore, IRT Jules Verne, Sasol, Swerea SICOMP, Michelman and many more!