Interview with Dr.-Ing Andreas De Palmenaer of RWTH Aachen University

At next month's much-anticipated GOCarbonFibre, you will learn about the latest innovations in carbon fibre and composites in a session dedicated to this exciting topic. Experts from across the global supply chain will discuss the latest methods, concepts and more, including Dr.-Ing Andreas De Palmenaer, Head of Research Carbon Fibre at the Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University.

Q1. Are polyethylene-based carbon fibres current competitive?

Polyethylene-based carbon fibers are currently not competitive. This is initially due to the lack of plant technology for an industrial-scale process. To make polyethylene-based carbon fibers competitive, economies of scale must also be exploited in this process. Currently it is possible to produce polyethylene based carbon fibers on a laboratory scale. However, production costs of € 9.5/kg can only be achieved with production capacities of over 1,500 t/a.

Q2. What will the top three takeaways of your presentation be?

Current state of the art in Polyethylene carbon fiber development, polyethylene carbon fiber potential and outlook on further R&D specially concerning the plant technology

Q3. How can the industry innovate in Carbon Fibre to maximise production capacity?

The only way to increase the production of carbon fibers is to increase the demand of carbon fibers. The demand of carbon fibers is limited due to the high price of carbon fibers as well as the fact that carbon fibers are not recyclable. Reduction of carbon fiber production cost as well as an innovative process for recycling carbon fibers would increase the demand and with this the production capacity.

Q4. Why the industry should attend the GoCarbonFibre Conference 2018? The industry should attend the conference to get a closer look at the composite market. New trends and market developments in particular will be discussed and presented at the conference. Furthermore, the conference is a very good place to network.

Other presentations in the session include:

  • Mass production of composite products - Prof. Andrew Walker, OTTO FUCHS KG
  • Multimaterial carbon fibre composite concept for automotive applications - Hans Hansson, Swerea SICOMP
  • Polyethylene as sustainable material for low cost carbon fibre production - Dr.-Ing Andreas De Palmenaer, RWTH Aachen University
  • Carbon composite additive manufacturing: Ready for high volume? - Derek Buckmaster, Carbon Nexus
  • State-of-the-art production scale oxidation ovens - Volker Kohler, Eisenmann Thermal Solutions

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