Exclusive interview with Frazer Barnes of ELG Carbon Fibre

Ahead of his presentation at next month's much-anticipated GOCarbonFibre, we spoke to Frazer Barnes, Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre, about advances in recycled carbon fibre, why he believe it's important to speak at and attend this event and more.

Q1. Why do you consider relevant to speak at the GoCarbonFibre conference 2018?

Although recycling is seen as important by ultimate end users of carbon fibre materials (e.g. automotive and aerospace OEM’s), the carbon fibre industry itself may not have the same view or urgency about this subject, maybe because it sees recycling as a threat (canibalisation of existing sales). Actually, recycling is a fundamental requirement for the growth of the industry, and new applications for recycled carbon fibre can actually grow the market for existing carbon fibre materials as frequently they are used in combination. Presenting this message and developing this understanding is important for the overall growth of the industry.

Q2. What would you expect to learn from your colleagues at this event?

View on how the carbon fibre market in the future.

Q3. Could you please provide us with an quick overview about the case study that you will address in the Pre-conference Workshop: Recycling & Sustainability?

The intent is to present one case study on the value recycling brings to a Tier 1 components manufacture and one case study on the application of recycled carbon fibre materials. In both cases the intent is to illustrate these case studies with data such as global warming footprints etc.

Q4. With regard to your Keynote presentation on Day 2 – Where do you think is the industry in terms of recycling & sustainability? What are the top three challenges that we still need to solve?

The top three challenges are:

  1. End user acceptance and use of recycled carbon
  2. Engagement of carbon fibre industry in fostering a culture of sustainability.
  3. Availability of standards.

Frazer's presentation on '' will cover:

  • The development of recycled carbon fibre products intended for use in high volume manufacturing processes suitable for the electronics and automotive industries
  • Case studies which will include cost and technical comparisons

Frazer will also be presenting a case study as part of the pre-conference workshop on recycling and sustainability.

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